Gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME

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1 Bjorn3D
Core i7 is currently the most expensive platform one can purchase and along it is expensive motherboard that ranges from $150 to insanely $570. It raises some interesting question's that just how much more "performance" would these more expensive boards offer. Does it makes sense to buy the more expensive board while the more budget or mainstream board that can offer similar performance. This is what we set to investigate today as we compare the top of the line Gigabyte EX58-Extreme to their mainstream board, the EX58-UD4P.
2 PC Perspective
"This high-end motherboard is intricately designed for extreme overclockers as its name states, but I think other intermediate PC enthusiasts can also take advantage of a lot of its overclocking and power features. It might have a harder time competing with the newer LGA 1156 platform because of its price point, but the LGA 1366 still has a lot of life left in it for graphic design professionals, video production studio workstations, and other users who depend on their CPU to run multi-threaded applications and programs at the most optimum performance it can."
3 FutureLooks
Some of the features that make the Extreme so extreme are thicker 2 oz. copper PCB for improved signal variance, Hybrid (liquid/air cooled) Heat Pipe 2 design for better chipset cooling, advanced VRD 11.1 for 12+2+2 power phase circuitry, Dual BIOS for extra hardware protection in the event something goes wrong, and Triple Channel 2100 MHz memory support.
4 Technic 3D
Intel's X58 chipset has been at the forefront of motherboards in the past month or so due to the release of Intel's new Core i7 CPU which introduces a new CPU interface, a new motherboard chipset and triple-channel memory interface which brings new memory bandwidth into the equation for the newest and greatest from Intel. The Core i7 launch has re-energized a market that has been stuck in LGA-775 hell for the last four years.