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Furthermore, building a Core i7-powered desktop has never been as affordable as it is now. While the higher end 950 and 975's remain out of reach for the vast majority, the entry-level Core i7 920, clocked at 2.66 GHz, is widely available for well under $300. Memory prices have also settled with triple channel 6GB DDR3 kits clocking in at 1600 MHz easily found for slightly under $100. Motherboards have mostly remained above the $200 mark, but now a few are selling for less.
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This time, we have MSI X58M which is a rare X58 Micor ATX in the market. The lowest price for X58 ATX is below US$200. We would like to introduce you MSI X58M which is a price-valued Micro ATX. The spec of X58M changes the concepts of cheap, less function, just enough performance, and low grade for Micro ATX. X58M allows Micro ATX users to experience high grade computer structure, in the meantime, the expandability and support have greatly improved.
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The hard part about being the cheapest board is low expectations. The cheapest generally means that it will not be nearly as good as something more expensive. MSI hopes to rid its users of this thought by providing a top quality board for a basement price point. They certainly have me onboard, but I have doubts as to how well this board will overclock or how it will handle with large amounts of RAM. If MSI has engineered a truly great board, we should see great performance in both of these fields.
Intel X58 based motherboards are the only motherboard chipsets that are available to support the Core i7 CPUs which are the fastest CPUs on the consumer side of things on the computer market at the moment. One thing about the initial wave of X58 motherboards is the lack of a micro-ATX solution besides one exception which is hardly a trend, as most manufacturers were pushing SLI and Crossfire support on their X58 motherboards and offering them for the high end of the enthusiast market.
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"Today we are taking a look at a motherboard from MSI, they sent us a sample of their socket 1366 board which they've named the X58M. It has some cool features such as; Live update, APS power saving function, etc. We decided to run the board vs a high end Asus board in our tests so lets take a look at how it can perform in both normal benchmarking and overclocking."